Explore without boundaries

Search and explore across all your data in any direction with no pre-aggregated data or predefined queries to hold you back. Quickly probe for insight with interactive selections and global search, and instantly pivot your thinking based on what you see. Take away the limits from your analytics.

All your data. Seriously.

Easily combine all your data sources, no matter how many, how large, or how imperfect. Qlik’s Associative engine indexes all data relationships with no data left behind and no need to fully clean and model data in advance. It’s all available and ready to be explored.

Insights as fast as you can think

Powerful, on-the-fly calculation and aggregation instantly updates all analytics with each click. Critical thinking is no longer derailed by slow queries or ongoing data preparation needs. This lets analysis move at the speed of thought, even with massive numbers of users and complex data sets.

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Empowered people.

See how business leaders from a variety of industries use Qlik's data analytics platform to transform the way their organizations leverage data, discover deeper insights more quickly, and make better business decisions.


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"Qlik makes me feel that more things are possible now. A lot of the limitations we've had with previous tools have gone away." -Frank Kozurek, Director of Business Intelligence, National Express, a leading global provider of transportation services.


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Make brilliant decisions, together

We believe that business intelligence is optimized when you harness and magnify an organization’s collective human intelligence and amplify it with machine intelligence. The more that people use analytics, the more agile and data-driven your business can become. Our multi-cloud data analytics platform was built to connect all your people to all your data and ideas to take advantage of new possibilities.

Simply better analytics, for everyone

Analytics is much more than data visualization. It is the art of discovering insights from your data. Qlik's platform is designed to empower everyone in an organization to be more data literate, regardless of skill set. Our multi-cloud data analytics platform supports the full spectrum of BI use cases, from self-service, guided and embedded analytics to custom applications and reporting.

Qlik helps people find deeper insights by harnessing human intuition and machine intelligence during the analytics process. The Associative engine lets you explore all your data, in any direction, leaving no data behind and no path uncovered. And you can do everything from any device, without limitations.

Associative Difference Video
qlik associative difference video
Bring all your data together

The Qlik Associative engine lets you combine an unlimited number of data sources, no matter how large, and indexes all possible relationships. Users can work directly with their own data in combination with global libraries of trusted data, accelerating time to analysis and reducing day-to-day reliance on IT.

With Qlik, there are no predefined hierarchies and drill paths, and you don’t risk data loss or inaccuracy experienced with SQL-based tools. And as data grows, Qlik’s big data solutions, honed with our most demanding enterprise customers, are proven to deliver rich, interactive data exploration without compromising performance.

A trusted, hybrid multi-cloud platform

Our platform’s multi-cloud capabilities bring the security, scalability and performance even the most demanding industries require. You can deploy on-premise and in the cloud in the way that makes most sense today and seamlessly evolve in the future. This is all delivered in a trusted, governed framework with flexible controls to easily fine tune user privileges and data access across your organization.

And, the Qlik platform comes ready to customize with open APIs and toolkits that give you the power to extend, embed and enhance our platform to support your specific implementation needs.

A data analytics platform for every BI need

Qlik Sense Enterprise enables the full spectrum of analytics use cases on a modern multi-cloud platform, delivering flexibility, governance and scalability for your organization.

Individuals and Teams

With Qlik Sense® Cloud, everything is ready to go to get analytics up and running fast. Analyze your data and collaborate in a shared, secure online environment.


Dream it, build it. Get open APIs, tools and everything else needed to create powerful new analytics apps or embed analytics into your existing workflows and applications.

Qlik helps you make the next leap forward with data analytics
Augmented intelligence and analytics

At Qlik, we’re developing new ways to combine the intelligence of a cognitive rules engine with the experience, intuition, and know-how of your best and brightest.

Big Data

Big data analysis and exploration, especially in the cloud, needs a different strategy. We're leading the way toward a big data engine that brings Qlik to your data, not the other way around.

Embedded analytics

Open APIs let you embed analytics that match the look and feel of your own custom-built applications and web pages.


With so many things connected to the Internet, there’s more data than ever. Only Qlik can pull data from multiple sources, and help you bring it all together to make discoveries that matter.

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